Weight loss, childbirth, or fatty tissue under the outer lips with aging may be lost. Light-filled during his youth, stretched appearance is lost. The loss of volume of the outer lip at the same time causes the inner lip is sticking out to look like. .

During normal birth, the baby's head scissors smoothly and perineum made to avoid incision with the aim of irregular tear "episiotomy (episiotomy) or birth incision" is called for. 

Among women, the sexual organs of one of the most commonly performed operations related to "labiaplasty" process. Labiaplasty, to reduce the size of the labia minora is called the inner lips and a procedure performed to reshape.

The inner and outer lips of the genital region occurs due to darkening with age and hormones in color. Color intensity is due to the increase in melanin pigment in the epidermis.

Tears formed after birth and can not be repaired properly can damage the female genital organs. These situations slack vaginal muscles in the vaginal canal and can lead to problems such as enlargement and deformity.Bu durumlar vajina kaslarında gevşeklik, vajina kanalında genişleme ve şekil bozuklukları gibi sorunlara yol açabilir.